Texas Holdem MTT Strategy 


Texas Holdem is by far the most popular poker variant. Thanks to online casinos, this game became far more accessible to players as they can register at a casino site of their choosing and play it at any time and place. Online Texas Holdem is the new trend in the industry and that trend is likely to become even more popular in the future. [Join The Club]

Licensed online casinos are extremely safe and secure as they utilize the latest SSL encryption software. All it takes for you to gain access to the games and ultimately, play Texas Holdem, is register and verify your account. The whole process lasts just a few minutes and it is extremely simple to complete. 

What’s even better, is the fact that many operators feature Texas Holdem tournaments where you can compete against other players and try to grab a reward out of the massive prize pools. One of the reputable websites that hosts numerous Texas Holdem tournaments is Natural8, so it’s worth a check. 

Playing online Texas Holdem at tournaments is extremely fun and that is the topic that we wanted to focus on in this article. We are going to name a few strategies that can help you during Texas poker tournaments. But first, let’s take a look at some of the rules that you need to know about this type of poker. 

Texas Holdem Poker Rules 

Texas Holdem is played with two face-down cards that only you can see. These two cards need to be combined with the five community cards that are facing up. The same goes for all other players. Once the first round of betting ends, the dealer reveals three community cards. Then, the additional two rounds reveal the last two cards. 

The goal is simple – have the highest hand. The weakest hand is the High Card, meaning that you don’t have any combinations with the community cards. There are two types of pairs – One and Two Pairs. You can also form cards of the same number – Three or Four of a Kind. A straight means that you have five cards in consecutive order. 

Then, we have Straight Flush, which is five cards in consecutive order, but also the same suit. Finally, the strongest hand in the game is Royal Flush. That is a consecutive order of 10-A in the same suit. 

During each round, you can call, check, raise, or fold. A call means that you are accepting the raise from one of the other players, check means that you remain neutral and don’t want to raise nor fold, raising means that you are upping the stakes while folding means that you quit. 

At the end of the last round, a showdown begins and the player with the best hand wins the prize. 

Texas Holdem MTT Strategies 

Now, if you play Texas Holdem in tournaments, there’s one thing that you need to be aware of – it may be hard to win a prize, depending on the skills of the other players. That is why it is worth using a few strategies that can help you. Now, it is worth noting that these Texas Holdem strategies will not guarantee you a win, but they can increase the chances of one. Let’s check them out. 

The Flop 

Once the flop (the first three community cards) is revealed, check your cards and see what are your chances of winning. Many players make the massive mistake of continuing even after they see that the flop does not correspond very well with their hand. 

They think to themselves ‘oh well, I’m already in, I might as well finish the game’. That type of thinking will often lead you to money losses and ultimately, out of the Texas Holdem tournament. It is extremely important to know when to fold, especially in times like these. 

Wait For The Flop if You are The Big Blind 

The big blind refers to the player that has the highest bet at the start of the first round. If all players check or call the big blind, there’s no need for you to fold, even if your cards are bad. With the big blind, you basically have a free passage to the flop, if none of the players raises the stakes. 

After the flop is revealed, you can see whether you’ve formed a winning combination and thus, decide whether you need to continue or not. If your cards are still not good, then go back to strategy number 1 and don’t be afraid to fold. 

Avoid Limping 

Limping is used by many players in the opening hand. They raise the pot straight away and hope to force the players to fold. There are two reasons why you shouldn’t do this. First, it is often a sign that your hand is not that good. Not only that, but it is a very high risk to take from the very beginning. 

Secondly, players that limp often find themselves in a situation after the flop where the players that have decided to call have mediocre hands. The only problem here is that nobody knows how good the cards are and the chances of winning are low. 

Know When to Fold 

The next Texas Holdem strategy concerns folding. One of the biggest issues that players face when they play Texas Holdem is that they get caught up in the wind and become obsessed with winning. That often leads to them not recognizing the fact that they have a weak hand and that their chances of winning are actually small. 

That is why you should always keep a cool head and fold when you see that your cards are not that well, especially if the flop is already shown. 

Bluff From Time to Time 

If you only raise and call when you have a good hand, the opposition will recognize your pattern and thus, they will know when you have a good or bad hand. That is why you should bet with confidence and you should be afraid to bluff from time to time. 

In doing so, you will keep the other players in the dark and they won’t know when you are bluffing and when you are raising because you have a good hand. However, this is a bit more complicated Texas Holdem strategy which is why it is used by more experienced players. 

Final Thoughts 

The bottom line is that online Texas Holdem tournaments can be extremely entertaining, fun, and they can lead you to great rewards. However, they are not as simple as they would seem. After all, Texas Holdem is one of the casino games that rely on skill far more than on luck. 

There are plenty of things that you should keep an eye out and if you are planning on participating in a tournament, you should keep the aforementioned strategies in mind. Remember though, these strategies might help you, but they do not guarantee that you will win the tournament. 

So, keep a cool head, keep tabs on the other players and try to predict their behaviour. Last but not least, know when you should quit if you have a bad hand. Too often, players wind up in a bubble and have trouble quitting, which leads to further trouble. [Join The Club]

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